11 Best NFT courses (I watched and reviewed each one)

When I decided to step into the world of non-fungible tokens, I didn’t know where to start. I watched people make money by buying and selling some JPEGs. Honestly, I thought it was a scam, but I decided to try it. I searched for the best NFT courses to find out every detail and learn how to make a profit. I decided to check what was going on behind those tokens that the whole world went crazy for.

Who could have thought NFTs would gain such popularity in just a year? Their market cap exceeded $50 billion in 2021, and experts estimate they’ll go double this year.

So in case you’re ready to jump on the NFT bandwagon and learn everything related to these enormously popular crypto tokens, there are countless things you need to be knowledgeable about.

As I began researching NFTs, I realized that it was going to be big. So far, I have watched and reviewed 11 NFT courses worldwide. Each one is based on a different concept and consists of 2 to 30 hours of material.

The best NFT Courses I have watched so far

Before you read my reviews, I have to clarify something. I’m the first who thought NFT trading was an easy job. People think it’s a simple buy and sell routine and don’t realize how timing plays one of the most critical roles.

Considering the growing popularity of NFTs, I think it’s the right time to learn about this field.

The courses I watched helped me make the first step and finally create my own course, but we’ll discuss it later.

A few words about NFTs

As someone who wants to trade NFTs, you’ve probably been looking for explanations that best describe these tokens. So, here it is. NFT is the short-term for a non-fungible token, meaning it’s unique and exists for one owner at a given time.

Since NFTs are settled on blockchain technology, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet. Even though everyone can view NFTs on the internet, there is only one owner who can decide their future. They can resell it or hold it.

So, NFTs could be not only JPEGs but also GIFs, videos, and other digital items.

Before you start searching for NFT courses online, I suggest you read the following blog post. It’s a sort of mini guide that will help you learn the important terminology through practical examples.

mutant ape

1-      NFT Fundamentals (Buy, Create and Sell NFTs)

Even though it’s one of the best-selling NFT courses, it provides only 2.5 hours of lessons. It’s designed for beginners and can give you basic knowledge about non-fungible tokens.

The course by George Levy gives you a short guide on buying, creating, and selling NFTs.

best nft courses


–          Good pick for newbies who want to learn basics about NFTs

–          It comes with a PDF guide too

–          Introduction to popular NFT selling platforms

–          You’ll learn the key vocabulary from the NFT world


–          A short guide that covers only three topics (buying, selling, creating)

–          It doesn’t include any code sampling elements; it’s not for developers who wish to learn how to develop and program NFT applications.

2-      Master NFTs in 7 Days

The course created by NAS Academy will provide you with important minting and trading lessons. The lessons start with an introduction module that will teach you how to set up a wallet, differentiate different types of NFTs and how to buy the right one.

The following modules include tips about strategies, how to use various tools, and save money on Gas Fees. In a bonus module, the students get the interview with Dylan Field, the founder of Figma.

best nft courses


–          As one of the 10,000 students who buy this course, you’ll receive a free NFT

–          The possibility of meeting Ben Yu, who is a famous crypto trader

–          You get two live sessions with classmates


–          Insufficiently covered topics such as how to grind for a whitelist, flip on mint, and evaluate NFT collections.

3-      NFT Fundamentals Course

This NFT course is provided by 101 Blockchains, and it’s divided into several modules. Unfortunately, like the first NFT course I mentioned, it’s too short for someone who wants to understand different NFT trading strategies and gives you only ‘bare facts’ about these tokens. There is an interesting chapter about NFT use cases; however, I think it’s needless in such as short course.

best nft course


–          Marketplaces and types of wallets are well explained.

–          Good pick for beginners who want to learn the basics

–          Descriptions of different NFT marketplaces and wallets with examples


–          Insufficiently described practices for selling and buying NFTs

4-      NFT Investing Masterclass – Pro-Tips about NFT Investing

This 5-hour Masterclass will teach you the basics of Web3, NFTs, and blockchain protocols. Besides, there are tips on recognizing collections with potential and avoiding scams and rugpulls.

The course is currently rated 4.6 on Udemy. There could be more teaching material since they briefly cover many topics.

nft course


–          Topics such as how to avoid NFT scams, create an NFT portfolio, and secure your NFTs have been covered

–          Quick guide for NFT enthusiasts who already have a basic knowledge about NFTs


–          You get only 5.5 hours of material. Insufficient for beginners.

5-      Certified NFT Expert – Blockchain Council

Provided by Blockchain Council, this course consists of 12 modules and 5 hours of lessons. At the end of the course, you get a certification by previously completing the online exam. Students of this course will fully comprehend the Ethereum-based platforms for NFTs and get the explanations of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

nft courses


–          Good course if you want to get a certification.

–          You’ll learn to make a difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens.

–          Helpful lessons about Smart Contracts and Decentralized applications


–          The covered topics give you only basic knowledge.

6-      Build an NFT Marketplace – Moralis Academy

This program is created for intermediate students with significant knowledge about NFTs. With the help of Filip Martinsson, who will be your instructor, you’ll be able to build and test your own dApps and Smart Contracts.

In addition, completing this course will give you practical knowledge of MetaMask, Truffle, Web3.js, and Ganache. Rated with 4.8, this is probably one of the best NFT courses for future developers.


–          Best NFT course for programmers and developers

–          Help learners understand end-to-end dApp development

–          By paying a Basic learning plan, you’ll get access to 6 entry-level courses


–        Not a suitable pick for beginners

7-      How to Launch a Successful NFT Project – NAS Academy

A perfect pick for those who want to build their own NFT collections or communities, the instructor Zeneca will take you through 10-day lessons and help you polish your trading skills.

The focus is on lessons about minting, how to market a project, build a community, and launch a collection.


–          An excellent course for NFT enthusiasts who want to create their collection

–          Beginner-friendly

–          Students learn to recognize good and lousy NFT projects


–          There could be more tips about building a strong team when launching the collection.

8-      NFT 101: Introduction to NFTs – ZTM Academy

This course covers fundamental questions such as what are NFTs and Ethereum blockchain. Besides, there is a module that covers lessons about MetaMask, smart contracts, NFT standards, and even how to launch and sell NFTs.


–          Essential topics have been covered.

–          Perfect for beginners who want to make the first step into the NFT world.


–          You don’t get access to their platform through iOS and Android apps

9-      Introduction to NFTs: Non-fungible Tokens [LinkedIn Learning]

This was the first NFT course I watched, probably because it was available on LinkedIn learning. It helped me to learn the basics and understand the challenges of Blockchain technology.

Rated with 4.7 from over a thousand students, this course can significantly help those who want to get a certificate of completion.

Instructor Jonathan Reichental also reviews the criticisms of NFTs so you can understand the challenges of this emerging technology.

best nft courses


  • Good pick for beginners.
  • You get the certificate of completion by finishing the course.
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • 3 chapter quizzes


  • Too short course that gives you only a basic explanation about NFTs

10- Certified NFT Developer – Blockchain Council

If you’re ready to improve your developer skills and get a deep insight into the NFTs, then this is the right course for you.

These lessons will help you learn how to build your own NFT platforms.

Besides, there is an important module that covers tips about how to make a difference between NFT projects, trade on Ethereum, and build projects.

Students also get the opportunity to practice the skills in various projects such as creating the NFT game, understanding the NFT marketplace on Polygon withRactJS, and building the NFT book store.

nft course


  • You’ll become skillful in building NFT services and creating NFT-based projects.
  • You’ll have to complete the online exam at the end of the course.


  • It’s not suitable for beginners.
  • In addition, it provides only 9 hours of material.

11- The Complete NFT Course – Learn Everything about NFTs – Udemy

Available on Udemy, this course is the first step toward joining the NFT world. You’ll get an introduction to NFT use cases, smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and Ethereum.

There are also short lessons about minting NFTs, choosing the right project, and installing the MetaMask.


  • It provides students with basic knowledge about NFTs.


  • Too short for people who want to fully understand the methods of NFT trading and get all the essential skills.

Are you stuck between finding the right NFT course online?

We are all aware of the fact there are numerous NFT online courses, but choosing the right one doesn’t always sound easy. When I started to ‘study’ this field, I had no life for almost a year!

I wanted to find out every detail which would help me to have as few losses as possible. To be honest, I had many ups and downs.

 After watching some of the previously mentioned basic courses, I realized I still have to learn many things.

I’m not saying that the courses I watched are bad. They are simply not enough to make serious profits in the NFT world.

Even though I got a decent knowledge about NFTs, I still had losses and didn’t know to recognize worthwhile projects. 

That’s why I decided to create my own method. I started to do DYOR (do my own research about the projects) and decided to make smart moves in trading.

Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram

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Finally, I came up with an idea to create a course that would shorten everyone’s way to success. When I started to buy NFTs, I could hear my friends saying: “Come on, you’re wasting your time and money! I can right-click them and save them for free!.”

However, it’s not like that. The ownership of an NFT is clearly defined and written on the blockchain. There is only one real owner who can do with it whatever they want. They can resell, hold, or transform it into a physical item.

One day, I decided to write a history and create my own NFT course! Since the things in NFT are happening very fast, knowing when is the right time to buy or sell an NFT plays one of the crucial roles.

What do you need to know about the GOATS of NFT course?

The course is designed to suit both beginners and experienced traders. You’ll get over 30 HOURS of lessons with practical examples and tips on how to flip, grind for the whitelist, buy, sell, and choose the right project…

I’m even explaining my mistakes that will help you make wise steps when selecting the projects.

My lessons are fully covered with step-by-step explanations, so even people with intermediate knowledge of computer skills can sign and become a part of the NFT world.

By signing the course GOATS of NFT, you’ll become a member of a closed GOATS discord group where I share ‘secret tips’ about specific projects. 

You’ll love our group’s sentiment because all members are always ready to help you and answer your questions. I think it’s the key to building a solid and successful discord group.

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The GOATS of NFT course consists of 5 modules. Each module is designed to gradually cover the topics so you can get fundamental knowledge about specific fields. Besides teaching you how to create accounts on Binance Metamask and OpenSea, you’ll also get a step-by-step guide on how to buy ETH and your first NFT.

In lessons of the above-reviewed courses, I couldn’t find explanations of ‘weird-sounded’ NFT phrases and words.

So I read dozens of blog posts on popular NFT websites and checked different Twitter accounts in order to find their meaning.

 In the following lessons of module 1, I’m providing you with widely-used NFT slang and phrases that will shorten your research.

Module 2 is named ‘the game’ because it’s the time when the actual game starts. You’ll learn how to mint from project creators and buy/sell NFTs from secondary marketplaces.

Aside from that, I’m gonna teach you the importance of getting the Whitelists and how to get onto them early. When I stepped into the NFT, I thought the profit could be made only on Ethereum Marketplaces. 

However, I started to feel totally different when I made my first significant profit on the Solana marketplace.

Traders even named this season ‘Sol summer’ due to many successful projects on Solana marketplaces. 

Due to this reason, I decided to introduce you to both of them, because, who knows? Maybe we’ll find the next Apes on Solana soon.

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The game has started…now what?

The third module of my NFT course will provide you with the core strategies.

You’ll be able to learn how to DYOR, avoid common mistakes, get a whitelist, read and understand stats on OpenSea/MagicEden, use core tools for the profit, and know how to early spot the next bluechip project.

Although you’ll get so many essential tips, the course doesn’t end here.

I really got sick by hearing at the end of courses I watched that I have become fully prepared to trade NFTs. Well, it’s not true at all.

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There were still many things to learn, such as how to recognize overhyped projects, learn different flipping methods and use special tools. That’s exactly what I will share with you in the 4th module.

You’ll also become a member of our closed discord group, where I share my secret Twitter strategy and signals about choosing the right NFT project.

The best is left for the end…. it’s like a cherry on top!

When you finally finish watching all four modules, the 5th one will be a cherry on top. I will show you how I made decisions, chose projects, and bought and sold specific NFTs in real-time.

The whole point of this course is to teach you to make money on your own. You certainly don’t want do die with NFTs in your wallet.

goats of nft

Wrapping up- Is the GOATS of NFT the best online course?

In my immodest opinion, I don’t think there is a better NFT course online. My lessons came from my experience, and my NFT portfolio speaks instead of me.

You’ll find Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, Murakami Flowers, and many other famous NFT collections.

This NFT course will suit both beginners and those who already make trades in the NFT world.

With over 30 hours of material, you’ll become fully covered with all the tips to make significant profits.