My NFT collection is today worth $500.000. Read this page to steal my strategy.

tl;dr: It took me 12 months of no sleep and no life to come up with the NFT flipping methods that less than 1% of people know about, and you can learn about these methods inside my online course and my private Discord server – starting today.


To hear my story and see some of my flips and holds

“You’re wasting your time with those NFTs. I can right click and save them for free”

This is what most of my friends told me one year ago when I decided to start investing in NFTs. Today just one of my apes is worth $122K

My name is Alek Gligoric, and I am from Serbia. When NFTs started, I  instantly started to learn everything about them. I missed on early bitcoin, now I didn’t want to miss on this.

I have made every possible mistake in the NFT space. But I still made profits. In the beginning I learned from youtubers, twitter influencers… but not all they say is true.

My method:

At some moment I decided to stop listening to publicly available tips. Instead, I started to develop my own method of research.

Because, in this business, everything is about finding a good project, knowing when to buy and when to sell, and when to hold.

When I started using my own method, everything changed. Now I can even make $10.000 or more in a few hours.

So long story short, I am giving this method to you. I have recorded 20 hours of training and you also get access to a private Discord server with my tips.

My portfolio is now worth over $500.000

Some of the NFTs I hold:

Mutant Ape Yacht Club #22174

Doodle #8894

NeoTokyo Citizen #17

Llamaverse #3658

CrypToadz #4521

Othrdeed for Otherside #17717

Murakami Flowers

SuperGucci Eyes #22

How I turned $100 into $3000

This is the Mutant Doodle #632.

One morning I bought it for $117 USD, and listed it on OpenSea.

Next morning I sold for $3000 using my method that most people still don’t know about.

Sales like this happen every single day! 30 or 50 times profit trades are not uncommon in the NFT space.


This is the transaction history from the OpenSea

You’ll learn when to flip and when to hold – and why

Some of my flips:

Crypto bull #2479

bought for 0.44, sold for 2.35

Nyoki #1929

bought for 0.105, sold for 0.279

CyberBrokers Shallow Askvig

bought for 1.5, sold for 2.9

Doggy #5136

bought for 1.8, sold for 3


Step by step instructions from basic things to most advanced methods


The Fundamentals

I will explain what is NFT and why they have value

You will create accounts on Binance Metamask and OpenSea

You will buy ETH and then buy your first NFT

You’ll learn the meaning of terms and phrases in NFT community

Everything else you need for start – without any prior knowledge about crypto


The Game

How to mint from project creators and buy/sell NFTs from secondary marketplaces

How to set up Discord and Twitter and use them for profit

Why whitelists are important and how to get onto them early

Marketplaces on ETH and Solana

Utility and roadmap of NFTs

Different types of NFTs

Collections vs single items


Core Strategies

Complete guide to DYOR (doing your own research)

How to get on whitelists early and benefit from it

How to avoid common mistakes that everyone is still making

How to read and understand stats on OpenSea/MagicEden

Using core tools for the profit

How to early spot next bluechip project


Getting to the
1% Flippers Club

Using specific tools not everyone knows about

Getting signals inside the GOAT VIP Discord group

My secret Twitter strategy

How to recognize false overhyped projects (saves you  money and time)

Different types of flipping – after mint, during pre-reveal phase, on reveal and post reveal. Every phase has its own specifics and set of rules, that you’ll see live in action


Case Studies

Live mints and trades of various NFT projects. Experience everything firsthand, witness the rise (or fall) of the next iconic collection, and see all the moves and decisions I make in real-time.

Finding a good project is hard, but what’s even harder is knowing when to sell or when to hold.

Trust me, a lot of people get lost in the echo chamber of some project and forget to sell.

The whole point of this course is to teach you to make money on your own. You don’t want do die with NFTs in your wallet.


We have over 1000 people on the course and in the Discord group. Here’s what they said about their experience:


You can start with as low as 0.1 ETH, which is around $280. Above you have an example of how I turned $117 into $3000 with just one flip. Good thing is you'll be in our Discord and you will know where, how and why to invest your first money.

Yes! To start with this course, you don't need to know anything about crypto or have any technical knowledge. Jump in, we got you covered!

Yes! The course starts with basics that you can skip. However, most of the things in the course are advanced strategies and methods that I personally developed and even the most skilled traders don't know about them.

Once you purchase the course, you'll have unlimited access. The access to our Discord lasts for 6 months for the GOAT package.  After that you can extend the membership (pricing TBA)

Yes, all strategies that we learn are aplicable for both ETH and Solana NFTs. In our Discord we will analyse projects on both networks.

On this website you can see examples where I earned 25 times more than I invested. That kind of profit is not uncommon in the NFT space. But, usually the profits per project are from 1.5 to 3 times more than the initial investment - if you follow everything from the course and Discord group.  

However, keep in mind this is not a financial advice. Always do your own research.




20 hours of training

Lifetime Access

Free updates



Everything in pro, plus access to the private Discord group where I review every new project, give tips on which NFTs to buy next, insights from the closed alpha groups, access to whitelists of incoming projects and you can ask me anything you want and chat with other goat members.

World’s First
no BS NFT Masterclass



Want some quick tips that you can apply right away? I have compiled the collection of all bluechip NFTs that you should get right now during the bear market. These 25 NFTs are the ones I personaly invested most of my assets in.

And when the bull market comes these are going to be worth… well, let’s just quote Alex Becker: “You think this last bull run was huge. This bull run will look tiny. The fomo will break necks.” Download the book, read, apply and kick back 🍹WGMI!!! 🔥🔥